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Jess Vann

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Founder and Creative Director

Hi! I am Jess Vann, thank you for stopping by  Creative Spaces! I am so glad you are here! Creative Spaces was design to explore and grow our creative self, so that you become enriched and well-rounded Leaders who lead from an equitable and creative lens so that your company can thrive! Once you engage your full self, you will go further in how you interact and connect with others. Here at Creative Spaces, we want you to explore and connect with yourself on a deeper  level, so that you break through the barriers that are in your way in the workplace and everyday life.  Being 'creative' with Creative Spaces,  means, looking at the functions of yourself and your business from an, anti-racist and equitable perspective that evokes change, growth and sustainability.

We offer a variety of services from Youth + Education,  Organizational +Leadership Development, Ant-Racism +DEIB, and Coaching on Self-preservation and care. 

As someone who is passionate about making sure individuals can operate at their fullest potential and feel like they are welcome and belong, regardless of race, gender, body type, able-bodied or not. We welcome all those wanting to see change within themselves! 

Remember, being a leader starts with YOU! I hope to see you soon! Follow me on Instagram at @jdotcreates

"Super energetic and fun what a creative way to look at leadership!" - Anonymous, Gary Comer Youth Center


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