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Creative Spaces offers customize workshops for all workplace settings in Arts Spaces, Non For Profits, and Corporate.

Leadership Development

  • Build effective communication skills​
  • Leadership through a  DEIB and Anti-Racist lens.
  • Using Restorative practices for effective conversations.
  •  Lead from your authentic and true self without fear.​
  • ​ Find your "voice" as you lead different leaders.
  • ​Learn how to be proactive listeners in the workplace
  • ​Leading through different learning styles​

Emerging Leaders

  • Effective tools and techniques to build young leaders in your program through performance arts. 
  • Understand the importance of TEAM through the arts. 
  • Engage with peers in a new and fun way.
  • Learn effective communication skills that will transfer into school and home. 

Professional Development

- Leadership Development workshops focused on team dynamics and DEIB +Anti-Racism initiative so that colleagues in the workplace meet company goals.
-Build a safe, brave and courageous workplace environment.
- Effective Company culture that employees want to be proud of!
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