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Self Love: Just write it down.

Happy Self Love Saturday friends! How are you practicing self love today?

First off, I can't believe I actually got another post out. Whaaaa!!!! Lol, cheers to consistency! Anyway, How was everyone's week? Did you get a lot accomplished? Did you make a difference in someone's life? How often did you say hello to a stranger? Whatever you did, I hope you had a great week!

Me. Well... I wrote! Yup, I did, I started journalling. To be honest, I start writing and journalling a lot, and never stick with it. See how that word, consistency creeps up. So I decided to get reacquainted with it... again. This time, cross fingers, I stay consistent. For about a month now, I have been doing a different devotional from my Bible app on my phone. I would usual do 3- day or a 7-day.This is my way of continuously building my relationship with God, since I haven't been to church in while, as well as have a more structured format of journaling. This go round, I decided to do a 14-day devotional. Challenge excepted.

I started a new devotional called: Doing Things That Matter

If you follow me on my Instastories on Instagram, you are acquainted with this devotional.

The devotional is broken down into sections; Dream Wildly, Live Differently, Love Recklessly, and Lead Courageously. I completed the Dream Wildly and currently on the Live Differently. Let me tell you, it has been quite rewarding to write and reflect on my goals, aspirations, and dreams. Honestly, this is what I needed as I close out 2017, because I have a lot of those i want to bring to fruition and life in 2018. Pretty crazy what God and the Universe gives you, when you lease expect it. So far, I really had to reflect on my what my wildest dreams are and what is holding me back to those dreams.


WHAT IS HOLDING ME BACK FROM MY DREAMS! I mean really, who REALLY wants to think that about that. No body wants to KNOW ABOUT THEMSELVES. Especially when it is you having to dig deep within yourself. You want to be all like...SHUT UP SELF. YOU DON'T KNOW ME. Well... news flash...yes, yes I know you. lol.

The initial question that kicked the devotional off was, What is a dream you have that only God (Universe, whatever you believe) can do?

Sidenote: You will find I will try to make my spiritual post inclusive. Only because everyone's walk is different in where you get spiritually fed or get your foundation is equally as important. Mine is God. but your's might be different! Do you!

... I digress.

The list I actually got from one of my favorite business books The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. I took the list, and I applied to the the question. I answered the question, for each of these categories.

Honestly, I am still writing my dreams down! Just writing them down have been has good for me. There not just sitting in my head collecting dust. The first step... writing them down. No dream is to big, and no dream is to small.

Writing my dreams down, were great! Recognizing what has been holding me back from achieving anything I know I have always wanted to do. Is a different story.

Holding Me Back

1. Feeling a Failure

2. Time

3. Doing to Much

4. Not good enough. I am not good enough.

5. Not focusing on one thing

6. Doubt

The list goes on.....

The crazy thing about this list is that, these are feelings I have experience my whole life, that have crept into my adult life. They are very things that people who are in my life or just passing through my life, have told me. It's like I can't run away from these feelings. Now, in my present life... I am ACTIVELY... yes, ACTIVELY trying to be more proactive in my journey, so that these feelings and actions...become more less than and hopefully..not existent. #PersonalGoals. Also understanding to submit all my fears and struggles to God. Prayer and meditation is powerful thing, if that's your jam.

You all, I am only on Day 7 of this journaling/devotional and I have already experience many of those feelings in my life.

I will say, just starting this devotional I have done the following: Sent a message to people, I would have never sent an e-mail to. Just to get coffee.

I started working on a new workshop to propose in 2018 for Creative Spaces.

I know it sounds soooo small.... but for me, it's the everything. Baby steps.

Through this process of writing I am learning that it is actually a challenge for me. Only because it isn't apart of my everyday like it use to be when I was a kid. I am looking forward to when it starts to become second nature. I have to get my groove again.

I still have 7 more days left in this devotional and I am excited to see what I discover through God's word.

- J. Vann

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